Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm writing! Okay well I STARTED writing. HOORAY! I know you're totally totally excited, although you have no idea what the hell I'm writing. I've been working on an outline of the story thanks to the massive suggestions (or is it a gigantic supportive push?) by Amanda. I'm at a block right now in terms of finishing the outline of the whole story so instead on another suggestion I'm starting to write the dang story! Hooray for PROLOGUES!

Right now I'm at a cafe/coffee shop chain in Athens which helps me write (I don't do this at all cause I have the 'net at home) but this is has less distractions or so I thought. Well compared to my home I'm like okay I can watch tv. Here not so much.

I like how I typed that and it's been about 5 minutes since I wrote that because I'm distracted because I did this:  "ohhhhhhh look at that pretty little sign of the coffee shop! OMG it's JOE'S not JOES" instead of writing." Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Has anyone become more ADD in the recent years?

Well anyways I'm writing a rom com and hoping to either have it published, self published by selling it on kindle. Does anyone have kindle? I want to know. I'm thinking of buying it in the near future. Also if you do would you be interested in buying a rom com story? like what would the most you'd be willing to spend?

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