Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm watching Crush On You on Hallmark. I admit it. I love Hallmark TV movies. They're the right amount of cheese that makes it bearable and just makes you want to just get all cozy and watch them. Also, ABC Family "Original" movies like My Future Boyfriend. So adorable I can't help it. Does anyone out there have a guilty pleasure that they just straight up admit to? Like...Oh I dunno. Hallmark movie watching? I'd like to know.

On the writing front, I wrote for an entire week and got a full chapter written. Since then nothing. I'm a slacker. I need to probably go to Jittery Joes (a local coffee shop) to at least get back into writing. Too many distractions at home like television. and parents. and a dog. and a television. Why is it that writing has gotten so much more difficult since I've gotten older? Back in my "prime" days I could shell out a chapter in a day. Then again those were fanfictions and I could write out crap but still be happily satisfied. Oh the naivety I miss thee...So suggestions? Anyone?