Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger. Really. Whenever I follow other people's blogs I want them to post often, however, I don't do it myself. It's probably because many people don't comment on mine or actually read it but I'm not fretting much about it because why should I? Frankly, I'm holding my end of the bargain!

I haven't written much since I started writing on the first chapter over the a week ago and I blame Dragon Age 2 on this. It's so addicting. My friends who've had it have already beaten it and I'm like..."yeah I'm still playing and not close to finishing". Now I think it's rather sad that I'm jealous of people who have the time to play a game that I've already used 30 hrs of my life on. Life has gotten in the way and my dad is preparing for upcoming surgeries so those are higher on the priority list to the other things that are important. I need to clean my room...and my bathroom. Wow Okay back to writing! Well talking about it.

I'm going to start or at least try to write a short stories to get/garner attention to my style of writing. I have no idea what that is but I like to think it's closer to Sophie Kinsella's than Stephanie Meyer's. I need to invest time to actually write than just think about writing. What does that accomplish? Nothing.

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Jessica said...

I totally know what you mean. I always try to be a better blogger, but life just gets in the way && I end up doing other things. Hope all is good with your Dad :)